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Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Tempo Tots Cymru offers live music making as a developmental tool for little ones aged between 3 months and 4 years.

Music lies at the core of who we are, in our heart beat, our movement and the tone of our voice. Singing, rhymes, musical games and playing instruments are all great ways for parents and carers to communicate with children.


Musical activities make learning and communication fun and enjoyable. In addition, research has shown that it can assist with early language development, listening skills and emotional wellbeing. These are all an essential part of learning to read, write, listen and respond.


Participation in music classes such as Tempo Tots provides a great way for your child to interact with other children whilst developing their social skills, peer awareness and confidence.


Each class incorporates a weekly theme with bubbles, puppets, singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments!